May 13th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

I was only gone three days...

...but judging by the stack of papers, files, and mail on my desk when I came in to work this morning, it felt like I was gone a lot longer. :P Surprisingly, I was almost happy to be there and despite getting up at an unGodly 3am (jet lag completely SUCKS!) :P I was surprisingly awake and cheerful the whole day. Amazing what a little vacation can do for my spirits. :)

I skipped out on Curves today (bad Sheri!) because I think I may be coming down with something... :( Mark has been sick since the weekend (the poor thing has no appetite - which is a real crime in my book!) and everyone around me at work is either recovering from the flu or coming down with it... :( I don't have any REAL symptoms yet, but I've been unusually exhausted since coming home from work - though it might just be a by-product of the jet lag. :P

Been busy on graphics for a new web site that I've been working on for a while now (yes, it's another small unofficial performer's site...) I don't know whether I'll even upload it or if I'm just working on it for my own enjoyment at this point. I guess I'll have to see how I feel after it's done (and I think a lot will depend on how it turns out and whether or not I think I can devote enough time and energy to maintaining it).

Lastly, the Daytime Emmys are on Friday and a bunch of my online friends will be there to cheer on a certain soap actor. And while I don't watch soaps anymore, I'll probably tune in to the awards show just to see if I can spot my friends in the audience. :)