May 23rd, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Can I just skip today and start the long weekend now?

My recent frustrations with work aside - this week hasn't been all that bad - so I assume I could take one more 11 hour day before the weekend. ;) Though I do envy those LJ friends on the East Coast who are already halfway to their weekends at this point - or lucky sabine10 who's already into her weekend. :)

My Mom came into town yesterday and we went out to lunch to take care of some of her banking issues and share photos of the trip. It was nice but all the lunches and dinners recently have set me on a downhill course of eating well and NOT working out... :( I don't want to think about how this will affect me when I go back to Curves on Tuesday... :(

I'm not too sure what the reason is for my sudden apathy toward theatre recently... All of a sudden, my urge to check out the theatre message boards is gone - I hardly listen to my CDs in the car to and from work and I got my "My Fair Lady" tickets in the mail yesterday and instead of thinking "Woo hoo!", I thought - "Huh... Guess I'll have to make my travel plans..." :P I know that through the years my interests have come and gone, but I thought theatre would always be a constant for me... Huh.
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Doug & Sheri

Well, that didn't last too long...

...I'm so weak. :P Self imposed vacation from web site building? Ha! It was funny that I thought I could stay away... It's been barely three days and I have an overwhelming need to update my sites. So much for the vacation...

And the theatre apathy lasted for about a day and half. :P Amazing what blasting my favorite songs while driving home in traffic can do for my spirits. :) I love theatre - it's such a passion of mine that even though things may seem grim at times, all I need to do is get back to the music that lifts my spirits and I'm fine again... :)

Without going into too much detail about what was contributing to my recent apathy, I'll just say that I've come to realize that I worry too much (sometimes needlessly) and I jump to too many wrong conclusions - because of my insecurities. Well, tonight I was proved wrong (thank God!) on several things I had been down about and things that seemed bad actually turned out quite well. :)

Wha..?? Okay, all of that was just a really convoluted way of me saying that things in my web site and theatre world are great - probably better than they ever have been and I was too much of a dork to realize it could be a possibility - and was only thinking that the situation could end negatively. :P

In non-website and non-theatre news: I have to go to meet a Jaycee friend of mine tomorrow. I agreed to be an advisor on a project they're running (more evidence of the fact that I don't like saying "no" to people...) It'll be nice to see my friend, but I'm not ready to get back into the whole Jaycee thing again... :P Which reminds me, I still have bad Jaycee flashbacks whenever I pass Aloha Stadium where the 50th State Fair is being set up... *shudders* Have I mentioned how happy I am NOT to be in the Jaycees anymore? :)
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