May 25th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Going to the in-laws for lunch...

...and bringing Sydney - who, I think they sometimes may rather see than the two of us. ;) They always ask, "Can you come over for dinner? And don't forget to bring Sydney!" :) They really need to be grandparents soon, I think. ;)

I was finally able to tweak Julie's (Kevin's wife) site to a point where I'm happy with it - and I recently received an okay from her to go ahead with it (not an endorsement per se, but just that she didn't mind if I went ahead and publicized it). She's a very shy person & a sort of private person - from what I know of her and I was worried that the thought of an unofficial site wouldn't sit well with her. However, she's such a dear and is actually quite supportive of the whole thing (yes, this relates to all my cryptic posts down below...) ;)

Spent yesterday morning with my friend Julie (the Jaycee - not Mark's sister, or my former college roommate, or any of the two I run sites for - there are just too many Julies!!) trying to help her iron out some of the details of a huge project her chapter will be running in October. She had emailed me a couple of weeks ago asking if I could be an advisor to the project and I agreed to meet her to go over some details. I adore my friend and really want to help her, but she spent the entire time I was there telling me how "together" everything was and not listening to anything I had to say (which I only interjected things when she asked for my opinion). I loved seeing her and spending time with her, but by the end I was thinking, "Why ask for my opinions if you're not going to listen to them?" Aside from actually seeing her, it almost felt like I wasted a whole morning. :(

Anyway, I'm off to the in-laws for...UGH...more eating! :P
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