June 1st, 2003

Doug & Sheri

I actually had fun at the party last night.

Imagine that! :) Just wanted to thank you all for your well-wishes which must have worked because no one was more surprised than I was that I actually had fun last night. :) Yes, there were still the loud, sometimes overbearing people from work there, and yes, the situation was still rather uncomfortable being in such a social setting with all my bosses and my boss' bosses, but all in all it was a nice evening.

It was a nice opportunity to see some people from other branches who I had worked with in the past, but hadn't seen for a while and it was really nice to just spend time talking with the people from my branch. The food was - different - I think they wanted to go with a Cajun theme since the theme of the entire evening was Mardi Gras, but unfortunately I wasn't enjoying it all that much...

Here's a photo we took there of all the people who qualified from my branch. The quality is a bit bad, though because it's a scan of a polaroid. :P

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For some odd reason, this morning I was in a major cleaning mood (happens rarely, you know);) so I decided to go through the downstairs hallway closet. I found some table assignment cards left over from our wedding down there! I guess no one really went through any of that stuff in well over 5 years... :P Took out our formal Wedding Albums (which were in two HUGE ass boxes at the bottom of the closet) and sat there for about half an hour looking at it for the first time in maybe 4 and a half years. I have another snapshot album of candids of the wedding taken by our family and friends that I look at much more than the "real" album... Gee, I spent a HUGE sum of money on photography for my wedding - and I rarely even touch my formal albums... :P
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