June 2nd, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Humidity, Parade, and UGH Little Shop... :(

UGH...It's so hot... The humidity has just been awful the past few days and really, that's what's making the weather so unbearable lately! :P The really awful thing about this weather is that we live down the road (pretty far away, actually) from a big sewage plant and when the trades stop, the air is not the nicest thing in the world to smell... I know, pretty disgusting, huh? :P But luckily for Mark, he can't smell so he's pretty baffled by all my complaints.

We had a little birthday celebration for one of my co-workers after work complete with a delicious strawberry boston creme cake... After indulging in that a bit and skipping Curves (yet again...) I realized that I had better get into the work out mood again soon. What I really need to do is think about that euphoric state I was in last week Tuesday and hopefully I'll be able to get back into the right frame of mind again. :)

I think I've finally decided what I'd like to use my gift card on... Ever since coming home from Kevin's Mother's Day concert, I've been obsessed with the musical Parade by Jason Robert Brown. Totally heartbreaking story, beautiful score... just a haunting, amazing piece of work! Kevin sang "It's Hard To Speak My Heart" and "This Is Not Over Yet" and it was beautiful beyond words... I need to find someplace where I can see a full staging of this soon, I really do... But in the meantime I think I've decided to spend my gift card on it... if I can just find the cast recording here... :(

In other theatre news: I knew it was going to be a bad day when I read this first thing in the morning... :( Poor Hunter... :( Drat! :( I guess that's one show to take off my Broadway "must see" list. :( :( I was really looking forward to it.