June 3rd, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Went to Tower today during lunch...

...to use my gift card. I went in full of optimism that a store in Hawaii would actually carry an obscure cast recording like "Parade" (my recent obsession). So I went in and looked around... No such luck... :( I went to the cashier because there was a big sign on the door that said "We Special Order". Okay - so I asked the guy at the register if I could order a CD called "Parade" composed by Jason Robert Brown... He looked at me blankly, then after inputting it into his register/computer thingy said, "Parade - Prince? Spandau Ballet?" UGH. "No, Parade, the musical composed by Jason Robert Brown". He looked some more and then shook his head, "No such CD." **SIGH** The sign on the door should actually read - "We Order" - since there was nothing really "special" about it! :(

Anyway after much hemming and hawing I finally decided that my love of "Parade" was stronger than my anger with Amazon.com and I logged onto their site for the first time since the horrible "return incident" that made me swear I'd never buy another item from them. The great news in all of this was that I finally found the cast recording there! YAY! :) The bad news, however, is that I ALSO found the cast recording for "The Last 5 Years" and a few other things too - and ended up spending nearly $50... :O Ooops! ;) Which leaves me out $50, but still with an unused gift card... Go figure... :P

Speaking of "The Last 5 Years", The Laguna Playhouse is staging it early next year and I would give my left arm to see Kevin in the lead. He'd be PERFECT for the part!!! :)

It's still humid and disgusting here... :P and looks like it won't be letting up at least until the weekend. I need a beach day...
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