June 4th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

UGH...Procrastination :(

...I'm so utterly exhausted and I can't figure out why... Short weeks like last week were great - but now that it's over all it seems to do is remind me how long and exhausting a regular week can be... I can't believe it's only Wednesday! UGH! I keep putting off things I need to do - email the party photos to the people at work, look for Julie's episodes of "Drew Carey" and "ER" for her site, clean up my desk... all I can think about is a warm shower and my pillow... :P

Been spending WAY too many vacant hours in front of the computer tonight (I'm pathetic when it comes to trying to concentrate when I'm exhausted...) I started working on a page for one of my sites - then before I could finish, I found myself looking at the status of my auction items on ebay, the upcoming season at Pasadena Playhouse, the status of my "Parade" CD on Amazon, etc. It's two hours later and the page I was working on looks the same as it did two hours ago... UGH...just more procrastination to add to my list for today... :P

Surprisingly, I did manage to get something done today. I submitted Kevin's credits/site info to Broadway World's Who's Who Page - since he WAS on broadway :) (it doesn't matter to me that it was only for a year and he understudied Stephen Buntrock the whole time...) :) The only thing is that I realized a little too late that I submitted the wrong headshot of him... Oops! It's the right picture, but for some reason it was flipped - so it's a mirror image of the correct one. I just emailed them with the correct headshot which hopefully they'll change. Goes to show you that I shouldn't do these things when I'm tired... :P
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