June 5th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

There were tons of things going on today at work...

...very little of which was actual work getting done, unfortunately. :( Our temporary third person was worried about her future with the company, my boss was having a horrible "are you my appointment?" day, and a co-worker of mine sent out a brain teaser in an email to everyone that became the topic of everyone's conversation... All that in the span of my 8 hour work day and the actual amount of work that got done? VERY little. :(

The weather here has gone from bad to worse - up until now it was just humid, hot, and rainy :P, but now it's humid, hot, rainy, with flash flood warnings all over the state... :P It seems so odd since I'm sitting here in what feels like 90 degree heat with no sign of rain anywhere...

In other news - today Sydney apparently found out she could get into the trash while we were at work, because when Mark came home, there was a HUGE mess all over the kitchen floor! He was furious! And when he was done scolding her, he said she went upstairs and didn't come down for a while (which is odd because she usually has to be near us at all times). Mark felt bad - he said that it felt like she went upstairs to cry... It's sort of amusing how we try to put human emotions on our pets - but really - that's what it felt like she did... :( I'm just a push over when it comes to the dog, I feel really bad when we have to punish her - Mark's more of the disciplinarian.

Craig Schulman's concert at the Hilton is this weekend. Mark asked me if I wanted to go to it way back when we first heard about it in April or so. I thought about it then decided against it. I like Craig Schulman (still one of my favorite Valjeans) but the tickets are rather pricey and right now, I feel that the money is better spent in other ways (like on an AC perhaps?) :P

AND it feels like I haven't seen Kevin in a musical in ages... there doesn't seem to be a lot of Equity casting calls in general recently in LA. :( I really want to see him in the role of Jamie in "The Last 5 Years" OR the lead in "Gunmetal Blues" at the Colony in September... He needs to get himself back on stage... It's been way too long and he needs a hearty role in a long run of something great. :)

BTW, here's the brainteaser that my co-worker sent that was the talk of our work place: "If a brick weighs 7 pounds and half a brick, how much does a brick and a half weigh?" Anyone know? :)
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