June 6th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Thank goodness for this heat, Sydney the dog,...

...and my internal alarm clock this morning... For some strange reason I fell asleep last night without bothering to set my alarm - which almost never happens. Funny thing is, I have absolutely no idea which of the three was responsible for waking me up in time, but thankfully one of them did. :) (My money's on Sydney, though) ;)

Work was very unproductive today (what else is new this week?) :P and mainly all we did was eat. :P Aside from a cake that was brought in for a co-worker's birthday, we were treated to trays and trays of Pansit (Filipino noodles) from another co-worker. I think this is the reason I gained so much weight since I started working at the bank... There's always so much good food around and if you combine that with the zero exercise I get at work (the only thing I usually move is my mouth...) you get the 25 extra pounds I've added since I started. :( UGH

I actually have a non-internet related project this weekend, imagine that! I've decided to concentrate on finishing my NYC scrapbook once and for all! It's been about four months since our trip, and I kept meaning to work on it... but everytime I looked at the mass of scrapbooking things in the corner of my room all I could think of was... "LATER"... :P And I'll have to get that Kerry Butler photo back from Mark, who's probably been showing it proudly to everyone saying, "She hugged me!" :)

The Tony's are this weekend and I have to say - it just doesn't excite me the way it should. I'll still be watching it (in my LATE LATE time zone after everyone else in the free world knows who won...) but I'm mostly looking forward to seeing the performances - AND to seeing Dennis O'Hare win the Tony for "Take Me Out". :)

Just checked Amazon and it says that my "Parade" CD "is shipping soon." I'm guessing that's a good sign and a step up from yesterday when it only said "Item not yet shipped." I have to say that from the songs that I've heard (both from Kevin's concert and clips online) "Parade" is slowly becoming one of my favorite musicals... Although I'm doubting that anything could ever beat "Side Show", of course... And could someone please tell me why is it that all of my favorite shows were bombs at the box office and closed on Broadway after only a few months? It must tell you something about my taste. ;)
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