June 7th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

UGH - Hot and Humid... Day 12 :P

It's incredibly HUMID days like today that make me wish Sydney didn't have such a habit of sleeping on our bed. Aside from the fact that she insists on leaning up against us to sleep (and in this hot weather, it's like leaning up against a furry heater), she loves the air from the fan and will lie down RIGHT in front of it, blocking the air from the rest of us. :( Part of me knows that's what would happen if we got a portable air conditioner. I could see her sitting in front of it all day long, clogging it with all her fur... :( I love Sydney enormously, but it's days like today that I wish she wasn't so affectionate. :P

It was so hot today that Mark & I decided to get out of the house - just because. When I opened the door to the garage I was shocked to see a new, clean Corolla parked there. My first thought was - Woo Hoo! How the heck did we score this great new car?....until I remembered that Mark's car was in the shop and he had borrowed his Mom's car for the weekend. Drat! :)

We ended up eating at Ronnie's (that fantastic restaurant/ice cream parlor place that reminds me of Farrell's) then we went to Circuit City to look for a new computer... I was lukewarm (at best) about the ones I saw there... I know I need to get a new one eventually, but I'm in a current "love" stage in my love-hate relationship with my current computer. And the thought of transferring all the crap that I have on this one is enough to make me dread a new one. :(

The Tony's are tomorrow night and okay, I admit it - I'm getting a tad bit excited about it... I have to try to stay off the internet (I'm sure that's possible) ;) until I watch the awards so I can at least be moderately surprised at who the winners are. I hate being 6 hours behind everyone else on the East Coast! :(

Before I forget, I want to welcome some great new LJ friends to my friend's list;
starryeyed113, allheart808, rush2112, and nikki42 who all seem like wonderful people. :) I look forward to getting to know you all better. :)
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