June 8th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

I'm So Weak...

...Must.Find.Out.About.Tonys. *SIGH* As if I thought I could stay away from the internet or read the message boards spoiler free and actually be surprised to see the winners. I've already gone to the Tony's official site - watched the web-cast (until it went wonky on me...), and looked at all the theatre message boards that I know of... :( So much for being surprised! :P And I have another 5 and a half hours before the awards are actually going to be shown here... I'm pathetic! :P (And in case anyone wonders, I did the exact same thing last year...) :) I've said it before and I'll say it again - I HATE being 6 hours behind the East Coast! :(

In non-Tony news: we continue to have awful thunder-showers here. :P Poor Sydney is so afraid of the thunder that she constantly tries to jump into my lap as I'm using the computer. :( Poor thing... Right now she's hiding under my desk. :(

My friend Marina called me this afternoon from Disney's CA Adventure to ask if another one of my friend's was there for Super Soap Weekend (the huge soap opera meet-the-stars weekend). Apparently, she thought she saw her standing in Chad Brannon's line but didn't want to make a complete fool of herself and say HI if that wasn't her. Yes, my friends are all seeing Chad Brannon today and I'm sitting at home waiting to hear Denis O'Hare's name being announced - what's wrong with this picture? ;)

And woo hoo! I got notification from Amazon that they FINALLY shipped out my "Parade" CD!! :) I don't know why it took them nearly an entire week to ship it, but I'm just glad that it's on its way - AND I finally got Mark to help me make a CD of my "other" Parade stuff - he's working on that right now. :) **SIGH** Add to that my CD for "The Last 5 Years" and I'm in Jason Robert Brown heaven!! :)

Wanted to welcome a couple more friends to my LJ: angyllina and i_am_angieface. :) Welcome ladies! I promise I usually don't talk this much about theatre but you've both caught me on a bad day - it's the Tony Awards, after all! :)
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