June 9th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

I know I must be getting old when...

...it isn't even a night out with friends anymore that makes me feel like I'm moving in slow motion the next day, but just a long night on the internet. :P In my defense, I was pretty hyped from the Tonys and was up reading theatre message boards and starryeyed113's great, LONG, incredibly hilarious account of last night's awards show... :) It seemed like when I was in school I could for go days on just a few hours of sleep... Getting old sucks... :(

In semi-shocking work news: my co-worker quit her job today. It wasn't totally unexpected, since she was worried about her future with the company for some time now. She met with my big boss this morning, didn't care for what he had to tell her, and decided to move on. Granted, she was only a temporary replacement for the real third in our office, but after two months, I was beginning to grow quite fond of her. I'm sorry to see her go - and I feel for her, but I know there are better opportunity for her elsewhere.

What else? Oh yeah my Collapse )

In happier, less painful news, the trades are back and weather here is actually tolerable again. :) I just hope it stays this way through the weekend. Which reminds me, Mark has Wednesday off (I think it's Kam Day? Or Kuhio Day? I can't remember which) In any case, it's a state holiday that we at the bank don't get anymore... figures... :(
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