June 10th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Overslept an hour this morning...

...and ended up rushing around like a crazy person trying to get everything I needed to get done before work. Had some serious wardrobe problems - couldn't find the skirt that I wanted to wear and then realized I needed to iron the top that matched the only other clean skirt I had... :( Got to work late (missed a meeting - Ooops!) and found that my co-worker was still there (she decided not to quit until she had another solid job lined up, all she was actually supposed to do today was come in to turn in her letter of resignation...) and then came home to a gloating hubby who doesn't have to work tomorrow. :P Unfortunately, I do :( and I have a feeling I'm going to go through the same thing tomorrow - all over again. :P

Special thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes for my swollen toe yesterday. :) It's much better now and I was able to walk around the office and function like a normal person today :).

Lately, I've been feeling the urge to be in LA... It feels like it's been so long since I've been there (actually it's only been a month or so), but I'll admit that I'm addicted and I need my LA fix... :P Oddly enough, I just miss the whole Burbank area - the malls, the restaurants, the theatres... I won't be back until early August and that seems like such a long time away... And even then, my first August trip will be really short - I'll basically only be in town to see Kevin in "My Fair Lady" at the Hollywood Bowl and then I head back home. I've been thinking about extending that trip another day, but I don't know if I'll have enough vacation days for the rest of the year. :( Hopefully I'll be able to see some good shows and do some good shopping on my second August trip when I'm in town to see Kevin's Concert with the Philharmonic. But right now it all seems like such a long time away.

Some good news :) - my site for Julie Ann finally hit a few celebrity listings so her stats have been a bit better today. :) I can't wait for her show ("Line of Fire") to come out. :) Unfortunately I have to wait all the way until January or so to see it since it's become a mid-season replacement for "NYPD Blue". I'm really hoping it does well, but with all the focus on reality shows recently, it's become so hard for scripted dramas to survive... and that's just horrible, IMO.

And lastly, no "Parade" CD yet from Amazon, but my car has been filled with "other" great "Parade" music courtesy of my darling hubby. :) I have to say that the more I hear the music from the show, the more I wish I could see it on stage and the bigger Jason Robert Brown enthusiast I become... yes, I'm pathetic. :P
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