June 11th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Man, what a fabulous day!

Working when everyone else has a state holiday has its advantages - for one, the traffic was incredible and even with a three car accident this morning my usual hour and a half commute was cut down to only half an hour. :) Work was slow - I think everyone thought we were closed today - and it was a great chance to catch up on all my paperwork.

The trades are back and the weather is simply beautiful here. It's sunny, yet cool because of the wind and the best thing is that all that awful humidity that I've been complaining about is finally gone! :) I wish the weather could stay this way the entire summer.

Mark didn't have to work today, but he actually woke up at a decent hour and used his day off to do some laundry and clean up a bit around the house... I was certainly surprised when I came home... I love my husband! :)

In other great news, one of my friends from LA emailed a link over to me for an interview with Tami Tappan Damiano (who acted with Kevin in "City Of Angels"). Here's what she says:

[RobertArmin] 1wally asks: For Sunday, who'd be your ideal George?
[RobertArmin] Mandy, I suppose?
[TamiDamiano] You know whose a great SoCal actor? Kevin Earley would be great
[TamiDamiano] He did Rutledge in 1776 at Reprise
[RobertArmin] Don't know him yet.
[RobertArmin] But I'll watch out for him.
[TamiDamiano] Get to know him! He's gonna be Freddy in My Fair Lady
[TamiDamiano] at the Hollywood Bowl in August
[TamiDamiano] Triple threat that boy...

WOW...how sweet was she to plug Kevin's talent like that? And I remember sitting next to her and her husband at the Robby Awards a couple of years ago when she won Best Actress in a Musical and she seemed like just the sweetest person.

And OH.MY.GOSH. I was about to fall out of my chair when I saw this - They're doing "Parade" at Musical Theatre Guild! *SIGH* I have to see if I'm able to fit in a trip to see this. It's the same weekend as "Laramie Project" at Laguna (which I want to see AGAIN because Nick DeGruccio is directing it), and "Babes In Arms" at Reprise! (which I think Kevin would be great in the role of Val). But "Parade"... *SIGH* if Kevin could only get cast as Leo Frank,...now THAT would be perfect!! :)

What a great day... :)
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