June 16th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

This is incredible...

...As I was searching the internet this morning (trying desperately to find something to update Kevin's site with) I found a site for his friend and former co-star in 'Carousel' Justin Robertson... I remember meeting him after a performance that I saw in March and he was just the nicest guy. The incredible thing is that he's also an artist and does caricatures of the casts of the shows that he's been a part of (he gives them out as gifts when the production is over.) :) Neat thing is I found two of Kevin. :) One for "Carousel" (he's the guy in the middle singing his heart out!) and "Side Show" (he's the guy in the front on the left in the double breasted suit.) :) What I completely love about Justin's work is that he really captures the personality of the actors on stage - The one of Kevin in Carousel is SOOO him! Justin's the up and coming West Coast equivalent to the late great Al Hirschfeld! He's also such a dear and let me use the two pieces on Kevin's site. :) He's just so talented!! On top of all of that, he's a killer singer/actor too! :)

Non-theatre related news: It's only Monday and already I wish my boss' vacation was over. Never in my life have I had to deal with SO many problems that weren't mine, and calm down so many irate customers as I did in the first two hours that we were open today... :( Hopefully the week gets better. :)

And I went back to Curves today after a week long absence. My toe is much better and I thought I should stop using it as an excuse to get out of going. ;) There were so many new people there, I hardly recognized anyone - and I was only gone a week. :P I can't go tomorrow night because Susan and I have our monthly dinner scheduled, but I've promised myself to be good about it from now on. :)

Lastly, I finally got my tickets in the mail for Kevin's concert in late August. We got table 158... :( I ordered my tickets all the way back in March (a few weeks after they went on sale - how could I get worse seats than last year??) That annoys me. :(
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