June 18th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Mark was pretty ecstatic today...

...since he received his new camera/cell phone in the mail. :) He spent the better portion of tonight reading the manual and deciding on a ring tone. :) He and I are complete opposites... I hate reading directions and I won't follow recipes, whereas he HAS to read directions to everything before he uses it. He'll read through MY instruction manuals for my MD players, video cameras, etc when I first get them and he won't cook anything without following the recipe exactly - and I usually just wing it... :P Sometimes I think the reason we're married is to balance out each other's extreme habits. :)

And, Yay! :) - I got an email from Julie who told me that Kevin finally gave her the baby gift that I left with him in May to deliver to her. :) I know Kevin is extremely busy and it was so nice of him to agree to deliver it for me... but I was worried that Becket might celebrate his first birthday before getting it. ;) JK, of course! I totally appreciate Kevin delivering it for me despite his busy schedule. :)

In other news: I bid on some tickets to Diamond Head Theatre's 2003 - 2004 season at Curves' silent auction today. I only had $454 Curves bucks (little monopoly-like money they give us as incentives for guessing trivia and solving word scrambles while we're working out...) and some women were coming in with thousands of them... :O I'll find out tomorrow if I won it, but I highly doubt it with the little money that I had to bid. :(

On a theatre note: there was a great article in Playbill online about "Big River" since it opens for previews on July 1st. I don't know how many times I've kicked myself for NOT seeing it while it was in LA (I can never do things the easy way...) ;) But it doesn't look like I'll be in NY in time to see it.. :( Aside from hearing wonderful things about it, I wanted to see Rod perform again. :(
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