June 20th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Sydney woke me up at 3am this morning...

with all her barking. :P I woke up and couldn't figure out what or who she was barking at. Unfortunately once I wake up it's virtually impossible for me to go back to sleep - so I've been up ever since. :P At first I was really upset at her because this isn't the first time she's gotten me up at an unGodly hour, barking for no apparent reason - but for some reason, when I looked at her to scold her - she had the sweetest look on her face and I just couldn't be mad... I know, I'm such a push over when it comes to the dog. :P I did scold her for barking, though - hopefully this doesn't get to be a habit.

Part of me thinks she was barking because she was confused at all my sleep recently... Last night I almost fell asleep while I was updating Kevin's site... I went to lie down "just for a minute" while my updates were uploading... and the next thing I knew it was 3am and I was scolding Sydney. :P At least it's almost the weekend - if Sydney gets me up early tomorrow morning, she'd better be prepared for some scolding, I don't care how cute she looks. ;)

In other news: I've been working out like a demon recently - with new purpose. I've seen some of the dresses that Susan wants to put me in for the wedding - and let's just say that I'll need a lot of work. :P And I'm still not sure if I won those tickets at Curves yet... but thank you all for the luck and good wishes on it. :)

AND I must be a glutton for punishment because I broke down and ordered a few more things from Amazon the other day... :P Yes, I know...I'm pathetic. :P I only spent $25 this time, though - so I think I'm getting better. :) Bought the books for "Urinetown", "Boy Gets Girl" (the play Kevin's wife was in recently), and "Fuddy Meers" (because I LOVE David Lindsay-Abaire!!!) Can someone else suggest another site to purchase my obscure musicals and books so I don't have to keep patronizing Amazon? I've tried Footlight.com, but the selection isn't as big as Amazon. Anyone know of any other sites?
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