June 24th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Thanks to...

...my wonderful LJ friends (and about half a box of chocolate truffles) I'm in a little better mood than I was earlier today. Special thanks to everyone who graciously took the time to read and respond to my dilemma below. I still have a bit of thinking to do about the matter - but I think I'm feeling much better about the whole situation. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful words of encouragement, they really meant a lot to me. *BIG HUGS* to all of you!

I spent the better part of the evening trying to immerse myself in things that make me feel better - like theatre news and listening to music that I love. :) Found a site for Christopher Sieber who I LOVED in "Millie" and "Into the Woods". :) And I've been listening to "Side Show" again recently and I had forgotten what a wonderfully engaging show it was. It's such a shame that most of the great parts of the musical were cut from the cast recording - since it's a sung through musical. LOVE Emily and Alice, but OH what I wouldn't give to hear Julie Dixon Jackson and Misty Cotton again in the roles!!! :)

In non - theatre news: Tomorrow is Susan's birthday and Mark & I got her a GC to a pretty nice Spa Downtown (Heaven on Earth). We thought she could go and pamper herself for a weekend and get a massage and facial. :) She seems to enjoy massages and such... I don't care much for them, personally, because I'm really not into having people I don't know touch me... pretty weird of me, I know (must be my reserved nature - HEY no laughing out there!) ;) At any rate, I hope she can put the GC to good use. :)
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    "More Than We Bargained For" - Side Show