June 28th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Woo hoo for Amazon and cute address labels!

First of all - I received my book order from Amazon today and I can't believe it - but they shipped all the right items! :) Woo hoo! :) I was so excited that I didn't have to deal with a wrong order! And I simply ADORE my new books and spent the better part of the day immersed in them. :) I even started to think - maybe Amazon isn't too bad after all...

And I know it may seem a bit trivial, but I ordered the most adorable address labels today! I had seen a client of ours with a return address label that had cartoon faces of everyone in their family that really looked like them and had their names printed below. I've been searching around the internet for a while now looking for the company that sells it and I finally found their site. :) You can actually choose the hair, skin color, etc. of all the faces and add pets too. :) I was so excited I put in an order for us and one for my Mom too. :)

Also I finally got my act together - and gathered up the courage to email the photographer who shot Collapse ) amazing photo of Kevin, Julie, and Misty. (It's the best photo I've EVER seen of Kevin) I had been meaning to email her for the past several months - but I've always been too intimidated (and too lazy..:P) to do it. The editor of LA Stage magazine told me (back in December) to contact her if I wanted to purchase a hard copy of the photo - and I do - I just can't believe that it took me almost 7 months to email her... I hope she'll still let me purchase it. :) And BTW, I think she's one of the better photographers in LA - I really admire her work. :)
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