June 29th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Fleas, fruits, and a big Ooops! :P

Spent the day cleaning up and trying to free our carpet and furniture of fleas. I really haven't gotten any bites recently, but it just takes a few fleas to start an entire infestation. :P Better to try to be safe - than really itchy and sorry later. :P

After watching Rachael Ray this morning on Food Network (who's nice and funny, but I'm sorry - I can only stand for about 5 minutes...) :P I felt the strange need to eat fruits. So Mark & I went to the market so I could stock up on grapes, peaches, and oranges. While we were there, an older man in his late forties or so was walking around and I could clearly see he was drunk. He was red and he reeked of alcohol. :P He was walking by the fruit counter and he began sneezing...ON THE FRUITS! Ewww! And the weird thing is...he couldn't stop - and didn't even bother to turn his head. I felt like I was on an episode of Candid Camera or something - it was surreal. No sane person would keep sneezing on a bunch of produce at a market... :P Ick! Needless to say, I came home fruit-less. :(

And oops... I heard from Kevin tonight and apparently the thing his Mom told me earlier this week wasn't supposed to get out... It's a good thing I asked him about it. AND he's been busy - which is SO great (though he's such a workaholic and so in demand that when is he NOT?). :) But no matter how busy he is, he always takes the time to answer my inane questions - which is what makes him so special, I guess. :) I can't believe it'll be two years in a couple of months since the first time I saw him on stage. Looking back, he seemed so different in those "1776" days - maybe it was because I was so used to seeing Chad - but for some reason Kevin seemed older and more serious than he does now... Maybe it was because he played Rutledge so well and I just assumed he was evil. ;) (JK, of course!) :)
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