June 30th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Snoring, Big River, and what else? Kevin...

I can't believe I lasted the entire work day on only an hour and a half of sleep. :P The funny thing was that I wasn't plagued with insomnia like I usually am, I was about to fall asleep several times - and almost did - when Mark's LOUD snoring woke me up each time. :( You'd think after 5 years of marriage I'd be used to his snoring - but I almost always fall asleep BEFORE he does (which I must remember to make a habit of in the future) and his snoring doesn't bother me at all once I'm asleep. For some strange reason he was so tired he fell asleep at 9pm last night... and I simply couldn't - for hours. Anyone have any suggestions on ways to fall asleep amidst loud Hubby snoring? (short of leaving the room or earplugs...)

AH! "Big River" opens for previews on Broadway tomorrow night!! And the more articles I read about the show the more I wish I could see it. :( It's such a shame it's closing on September 14th. :( There's no way - even with MAJOR saving that I could make it up there in time to see it before it closes. :( And everyone's already talked about the awesome pairing of Kerry Butler and Hunter Foster in the re-vamped "Little Shop". It's a perfect combination and a show that Mark & I would definitely love to see since Mark adores Kerry and I'm a HUGE Hunter fan! :)

And Drat!... but I guess no Kevin as Leo for me in "Parade" at Musical Theatre Guild OR Val in Reprise!'s "Babes In Arms". :( It would've been nice to see - hopefully it means that he has something else spectacular in the works... Have I mentioned recently what an absolute doll he is? He's just the sweetest guy and what's more amazing is that he has the voice of a God and he doesn't even know it. :)

Ooops! I almost forgot! "Taken" is going to re-air on the Sci-Fi Network on September 30th!! :) Such great news - it means more possible exposure for Julie Ann. :) I'm SO not a science fiction fan, but I'll see it again just to see her - she was so fabulous in it! :)

Oh well... I'd better head off to sleep before Mark beats me to it. :P
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