July 1st, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Miss America's visit

Well, it'll probably be no secret to those of you who live in Hawaii what bank I work for after I get through with this post... But today, our branch was visited by our new spokeswoman for our ad campaigns, Angela Baraquio - Miss America 2001 (who was only the second Miss America to come from Hawaii). She's a perfect spokesperson because she's very personable, she brings a lot of grace and dignity to our ad campaigns - and she makes all the guys around her go completely batty...

My boss and co-worker were completely entranced by her when she made her way around the bank meeting all the workers today. My co-worker (shy as he is) even ran out - almost to the parking lot to ask for her autograph before she left the branch. :) I do have to say she was very stunning to see in person and her smile really lights up a room. I think it took my boss the entire rest of the day to recover from the hug and kiss she gave him. ;) Maybe he still hasn't recovered. :)

In other news, I ate toast for dinner - Mark ate frozen white castle hamburgers. :P Sometimes it doesn't surprise me that we're not ready to raise children just yet... :P

And I stole this from irisheyes77. It's been a while since I've done one of these: Collapse )
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