July 5th, 2003


I FINALLY got a new computer! :)

After months of searching around, I finally found a computer that I liked that I could actually somewhat afford. :) It's not really state of the art or really blazing fast like rush2112 is used to - but for me - anything is an upgrade from the 6 year old computer that I'm using now. :P I haven't set it up yet, I need to migrate all my files to CDs and find my Photoshop disc, etc before I say goodbye to this one... (That'll probably take me the whole weekend...) :P It's great though and hopefully that'll put an end to my computer crashing every time I try to use Photoshop and GoLive together. :P (Yes, my old computer was pretty pathetic...) :P

In other news: the firework show last night was awesome! :) The best part about it was getting to spend time with Susan and Fredrick. :) We all brought our cameras and spent the entire 25 minutes of the show taking pictures of the fireworks... So while everyone was "Oooohing and Ahhhing" all you could hear from us was, "Crap! Drat! Damn!" - because of all the missed shots due to the lag time on the digital. :P It was kind of amusing. :) The traffic wasn't even too bad - it only took us about 2 hours to get home (an hour of which was just to get out of the mall parking lot). :P

And the hot humid weather is back! Gah! At least there's a trace of wind, but it was so hot today that I wanted to spend the whole day in the frozen food section of the market. :P An AC might've been a more appropriate purchase today - less fun than a new computer, but more appropriate, nonetheless... :)
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