July 12th, 2003


Wrong number at 2am? :P

I guess I had an indication of what my day would be like when my cell phone rang at 2am... I groggily got up to answer it, but it was too late, it already went to voice mail. I checked my voice mail - no messages. I checked my call log, no new numbers... :( The only person who would really call me on my cell phone so late at night was my Mom if something was wrong... And I'm a perpetual worrier (since she lives by herself) so I spent the next few hours wondering if a) she was okay b) if I should call her to check c) if it was just a wrong number... :P Of course, being the worrywart that I am, I couldn't go back to sleep - I kept thinking that something might be wrong with my Mom - but I didn't want to call and wake her - if things were fine...

I finally called her at 7am to find that she was fine and hadn't called AND was thankful that I didn't worry enough to call her at that hour to check. :P I know my Mom is independent and can take care of herself, but I worry because she's all alone. This spawned a conversation between Mark & I about the possibility of purchasing his parent's house (which is right down the street from my Mom) one day. Mark's parents were always talking about moving to a senior community one day and since Mark's sister Julie is in the process of closing a mortgage on a condo in town (and will be moving out soon), they may start to look at that as an option. It would be a great situation all around if we bought their house... for one - it's close to my Mom and we can keep an eye out for her, it'd be much closer to work for the both of us, and big enough to think about raising a family... I guess we'll have to wait and see what Mark's parents decide to do.

In other news: We finally got our address labels that I'd ordered a while back. :) And I think they somewhat look like us... Don't you think? ;) Collapse )

On a theatre note: I'm bummed that I'm missing Broadway Barks today. :( I've always wanted to go to it since it combines my two greatest loves: musical theatre and dogs - can't get much more perfect than that! :) Too bad I don't live closer to NYC... :( And I finally got around to watching my Today show tape of "Big River" and it just looks like such a special production. The mix of sign language and singing (deaf and hearing actors would be so wonderful to see - and I've only heard great things about it) - plus I'd love to see Rod perform again. Sometimes I hate living so far away from all the good theatre! :(

And I did this, a little late: Collapse )
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