July 15th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Okay, let's see if I can get through an entire post...

...without mentioning Kevin, his web site OR his "official" web site... ;)

Sort of an embarrassing situation happened today - I park at the hotel across the street from my branch and the guy who sits in the collection booth there is always friendly and always says "bye" to me when I leave. He used to say, "BYE Sheri-Lynn!!" and that was really sweet... but for some reason, one day he started calling me "Jovi"... ?? I'm a little shy by nature (stop snickering - I hear you all out there...) ;) and for whatever reason, I didn't correct him... At first I thought he might be talking to someone else. Then it happened again,... and again... and again... So then months passed and he still called me Jovi... How do you tell someone after it's been so long that it's not really your name??

Anyway - my co-worker came up to me at work this morning and said, "Hey, Jovi!" I nearly slapped him, but I was more shocked to find that he knew about it - because I hadn't told anyone. Apparently he talked with the guy in the booth yesterday after work and he asked my co-worker, "You work with Jovi?" And my co-worker said he didn't and the guy said, "Investments, right? You must work with Jovi." They finally figured out it was me and the guy found out he was calling me by the wrong name for months... Ooops! :P They did have a nice laugh about it, but I still felt bad.

I figured I should've corrected him from the beginning, but I just couldn't for some reason - and now it's worse for the poor guy. I've learned my lesson - from now on I'll correct people if they call me the wrong name from the beginning. And through all of this, my co-workers had a nice laugh at my expense, and I think I've gained a new nickname at work. :P ;)

AND I found this in the paper today and thought it was hilarious in light of my STUPID Aloha Airlines situation and my doomed "My Fair Lady" trip to LA in August... :P It was too funny... :D

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Hope everyone has a nice evening! :)
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