July 19th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

I want to be a Toys R Us kid... :P

Mark & I spent the morning in the midst of a huge crowd of children. :) And I love children, but somehow they make Mark a little uneasy - so the morning wasn't the most comfortable for him. :( We had to go to Toys R Us to buy a gift for my co-worker's son whose 2nd birthday party is next weekend. I had absolutely NO clue what to buy and Mark was no help whatsoever! I told him, "At least you were a two year old boy once!" :) One would think he'd have the advantage there... ;)

While we were there - I was shocked at the kinds of toys available to children these days! I may just have been out of the "toy loop" for a while, but man - I would've gone nuts as a child in today's toy store. All we had in our day were Barbie's, lego, lincoln logs, pick up sticks, and Mr. Potato Head... which BTW, I was glad to see they still have around, just fancier, more current versions. We ended up buying a demolition set from Fisher Price that looked pretty cool. The box said "assembly required" - my poor co-worker will probably be busy assembling toys for days after the party...I can just see it already. :)

Later we went to Borders (Ah, kananigirl, I just saw the coupon now,...Drat!) :( so I could find a book on understanding Flash (wonder why??) :P Speaking of which, no news - from either front on this whole Kevin thing. :(

Tomorrow we have a brunch with the in-laws. Mark's Aunt & Uncle from California are here and it'll be nice to see them again. All this eating I've been doing recently can't be good though - and it continues since Mark's birthday is next week and I know there will be a whole lot of eating then too! :P

On a theatre note: The "Little Shop Of Horrors" website is finally up again, I guess. And DRAT! For those of you in NYC, or at least on the East Coast, I envy you! $50 preview tickets if you order by August 28th?? Sometimes I hate living all the way out here... :P
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