July 20th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Brunch with the in-laws, some graphic woes, and the hot weather returns! :P

Brunch this afternoon was wonderful, but ultimately WAY too filling! :P It was so nice to see Mark's Uncle & Aunt from California... They visit about once a year and we always go to brunch with them at Hale Koa Hotel (which had THE BEST pancakes, BTW) :) My sister-in-law told me when we sat down, "Mom told me to remind you that you liked the pancakes here." :) Gotta love the in-laws. :) We had a nice talk with Mark's Aunt & Uncle who were surprised that I hadn't traveled in over 3 months... "You must be slowing down!" they told me. :)

Been tooling around on the computer for the last few hours trying out new graphics for Kevin's site - none of which I liked so basically I'm still staying with my old layout for now... Been trying some things for Julie Ann's site too... The problem I have with Kevin's site is that not much can be done with the ONE headshot he has - that boy seriously hates taking photos, but really - he hasn't had a new headshot in over 3 years (ever since he left the "Les Mis" tour) - he's REALLY due for another one!

In other news: Apparently Mark has begun to name the geckos in our house... ?? We were sitting in the living room watching TV last night and he pointed to the ceiling and said, "There's Stumpy" as a small lizard with no tail scurried by... ?? I have to say Mark is definitely... interesting, to say the least. ;) But I do love him and his sometimes off beat sense of humor. :)

And UGH - the weather has turned unbearably hot and humid again! :P Sydney spends all of her time sitting in front of the fans in our house, clogging it with her fur. :P Here's a photo of her in her usual position today - blocking the fan from all of us. :P

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And I stole this survey (it's actually a hybrid between one I saw in careleswhisper's journal and i_am_angieface's journal):

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