July 27th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

My really strange sleep schedule & theatre ramblings...

It must be the humidity and all the thunder (not to mention Sydney dog barking at 2am this morning - waking me up) :P but my sleep schedule is WAAAY off this weekend. :P I woke up at 2 this morning (hence my really late post last night to wish Tom a happy birthday...) and then, because I had gotten up so early I fell asleep tonight at 8:30pm and woke up at 11:45pm thinking I had a full night's rest... :P And now it's 2am and I don't feel the least bit tired - AH! The confusion of it all! :P

I'm going to apologize in advance for my theatre ramblings tonight - it's been a while since I talked about it and I feel a little theatre deprived right now. ;)

I think Mark & I may want to go to Manoa Valley Theatre next weekend and check out their production of "The Laramie Project" - although I'm a little unsure if I'm ready to see another version of this show. I saw it first at the Colony Theatre in LA - and really, I don't think any version could beat that one (can I just rave for the next few minutes about Nick DeGruccio??) I love Nick! The first show that I saw that he directed was "Side Show" at the Colony Theatre - and he's become my favorite director ever since. I'd go to see anything that he directs, because there's a noticeable difference in his productions vs. any others. The one thing that he gives all his productions is heart and it's VERY apparent when you see his shows. It's just something SO intangible that it's difficult to explain until you see his productions. AND he's got to be the nicest, warmest man you could ever meet. He's just like a cute, lovable teddy bear and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to see his work and to get to know him a little over the last year. :)

Kevin hasn't mentioned anything coming up in a long time. I know he's in rehearsals for "My Fair Lady" at the Hollywood Bowl right now, but usually he has many more shows lined up throughout the coming months - it's unusual for him NOT to have anything on his plate... Makes me think that he's got something big in the works... Which I'd love because really - he's long overdue! With his talent and that voice of his, he should be back on Broadway again... I just think it's sweet that he's trying to stay close to home because he doesn't want to be away from Julie. :) He once told me that he was happy in LA because Julie was doing so well there and she was the most important thing to him. Awww... that's one of the reasons I think I'll always adore Kevin...how could you NOT like someone who is totally devoted to his wife like that??

And can I just say that Hunter looks absolutely adorable as Seymour? I can't explain what it is about Hunter that I like so much - he's not classically handsome, but I think it's a combination of his on-stage presence, his voice, his sense of humor, and... I have absolutely no idea. AND I can't wait for "Little Shop of Horrors" to open! With "Little Shop" and "Wicked" coming out - not to mention, "Never Gonna Dance" with Noah Racey - I'm REALLY looking forward to my next NYC trip!

Okay, I think this theatre post should be enough to last me until next week. ;) My real life posting begins again tomorrow, I promise! :)
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Doug & Sheri

A wonderful, albeit HUMID evening....

Tonight we went out to eat for Mark's birthday. :) Most guys, when asked where they want to go on their birthday would pick a nice fancy restaurant...not my Mark! He told me he wanted to eat barbecue at Dixie Grill... So that's exactly what we did! :) Mark completely enjoyed himself and feasted on a huge plate of ribs, chicken, etc. and had a ball trying out the six varieties of barbecue sauce that they brought to our table. :) The waiters and waitresses even came out with a brownie ala mode for dessert and sang him a little happy birthday song at our table. :) It was great. When he blew out the candle I asked him if he made a wish and he said, "I don't have to wish for anything - I already have everything I want." Aww...He's so sweet! :)

Tomorrow is his real birthday and he's meeting me at Cold Stone for some great ice cream after work. Should be a lot of fun - and then, on Tuesday my Mom and his parents are taking us out for dinner to celebrate his birthday - so I still have A LOT of eating ahead of me... :P July is apparently NOT the month for me to lose weight! :P

Lastly, it's HOT and HUMID beyond belief tonight! I know that it must be horrible when I can't wait for the weekend to be over so I can go back to work - just so I can sit in the air conditioned bank! :P All the fans in the house are on - I'm sitting here at my computer expending close to NO energy and I'm sweating... Blech! I've already taken a few showers today, but I think I'll need another one in a bit. :P We need an AC! :P
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