July 29th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

All the eating and the celebrations are finally over...

Well, Mark's almost week long birthday celebration is over for this year... He's 33 now and can't tease me about being older (I'm only older than him by a few months!) And BTW, these are the six months that I enjoy - when we're both numerically the same age. ;)

Just came home from dinner with my Mom and the in-laws. We went to the Moana Surfrider Hotel and had the dinner buffet (we're really buffet kind of people). Everything was nice, but the best part was spending time with our parents and seeing them get a long so well with each other. :) Yesterday we ate at Cold Stone and Mark had the cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker crust, black cherries, and chocolate chips "smooshed" inside. I had the chocolate ice cream with brownies & graham cracker crust "smooshed" in. It was sinfully good. Mark also enjoyed the GC for Software Etc and the cookie basket I sent to his working place with cookies shaped like his laptop, his PDA, and a CD. :)

And the good news about the weather is that the trades have returned! :) It's cooled off considerably and it would be nice if the weather could stay like this, at least through the weekend. :)

On a rather different note - I've been noticing that I have a lot of swelling just below my wrist on my right arm. It was bothering me a lot today at work and is still sort of throbbing. Perhaps it's tendinitis or maybe carpal tunnel? I'm not really sure, but if the swelling and pain doesn't go away I'm going to have to see the doctor. :P

On a theatre note - I miss Anjali (who used to work at the box office) at the Colony Theatre! :( I called the other day for tickets to a show in August and the new girl at the box office answered the phone and although she seems really nice, she's just not Anjali. :( She was one of the reasons I loved going there to see shows when I was in town. It's just not the same anymore without her working there. :(

And lastly, Kevin's got a new bio for "My Fair Lady". (It's halfway down the page...) I noticed that his bio is noticeably SHORTER than all the other principles even though he has over 24 years of professional stage credits to his name... Granted with the likes of John Lithgow, Melissa Errico, Roger Daltrey, Rosemary Harris, and Paxton Whitehead in the cast with him - I guess anyone else's bio would look kind of small... ;) In any case, I'm so HAPPY for him - what a great cast he's acting with and what a great opportunity for exposure for him! :) He SO deserves this! :)
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