July 31st, 2003

Doug & Sheri

UGH - must be my old age...

...I ache all over. :P Serves me right for skipping out on Curves for an entire month, I guess. :P I did go back today and majorly sucked wind. I plan to go with more regularity since I now realize what a chore it is to get back into shape after a month of slacking off. :P

Work issues - I think that my little office team of three is going through some interesting times right now - Upper management has dictated that we change "roles" at our job. I used to run all the operations of the office, but now I'm being told that my major responsibility is to sell and my co-worker (who used to sell) is now being told that his main job is administrative (since he's new and needs to learn the administrative side to the business). I've been running the operations in our office now for the past 6 years so when the pending business files were taken out of my desk and I had to give up my many reports, I felt a little sad. Maybe I have control issues - I don't know. I liked knowing what was going on in the office and being the one to solve the customers problems... And to add to things - my co-worker has decided to change our system of doing things (which I really can't blame him for doing) - I feel a little sad and a little like I'm losing control. I told that to my boss (who's more of a friend to me than a boss) and he laughed and said I reminded him of his wife. :P We'll see what happens, but things are definitely different at work these days. :P

On a different note - I spent the evening watching the local Japanese station with Mark. They have some interesting "slice of life" shows about regular everyday people in Japan. It's interesting to see, but we're SO far removed from the Japanese culture that watching these shows seems so foreign. It's a strange feeling to finally see people on TV who look like us, but with whom we can't even begin to identify. :P

And I'm really glad tomorrow is Friday - it feels like the weekend should've been here long ago! I also start my web classes this Saturday and I'm really looking forward to that. :)
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