August 4th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

My canceled classes :P and some Kevin tidbits...

I called the local CC this morning to find out what the deal was with my web design class this past weekend and they told me that because enrollment was low, they canceled the classes altogether. :( Not an encouraging sign... :P They asked me if I wanted to defer my payment for the next session, but it's in October on Tuesday nights and I didn't know if it'd be a good idea to commit to something so far in advance. :P So I guess no web design classes right now for me...though I'll probably try to look more into the classes that kananigirl was talking about.

Read a message on a theatre message board that said that poor Kevin blew out his own mic last night... Can you believe it? His voice was so powerful that it crapped out the mic! The poor thing had to belt the last few notes of his solo sans the mic, but really - it's kind of impressive in a way. ;) Just proves what a powerful voice he has. :)

Found several things, including a review of his performance in the LA Times:

"Kevin Earley, a favorite romantic lead in Los Angeles, delivered in a comically nerdy turn as Eliza's secondary love interest, snorting through his dialogue scenes before turning his lustrous voice to "On the Street Where You Live," which he delivered with such power that he set the Bowl's amplification system buzzing and crackling."

AND I found his new headshot on the Hollywood Bowl site (which is a HUGE deal because the man absolutely hates taking photos):

Marina and Bobbie both commented on how Kevin did an endearing snort/giggle thing throughout the show that had the audience rolling. Leave it to Kevin to come up with a little extra something to make his character stand out and be remembered. :) It obviously worked because though he only had a supporting role, every review I saw had a line on John Lithgow, a line on Melissa Errico's beautiful voice, maybe two lines on Roger Daltrey, but a whole paragraph on Kevin. :) I'm just so happy for him! :)
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