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This morning I started out for work much earlier than usual to take into account the fact that 1) the University was back in session AND 2) all the buses in the city didn't run today due to the start of a HUGE bus worker's strike. :P I've always had sympathy for labor groups who felt they were being treated unfairly and I'm all for rooting for the underdog, but today the people I felt extremely sorry for were the hundreds of senior citizens (who I see everyday at the bank) who depend on the bus system in our city to do the important things like buy food or go to the doctor. :( Don't get me wrong, I see both sides of this unpleasant issue and I really want what's best for everyone involved, but to me, the people who are really suffering from this strike are the elderly in our community - and that's just so unfortunate...

On the lighter - yet still pretty annoying side to all of this, it took me about two hours to get to work today. :P The traffic was so bad that I couldn't even make a left turn out of the back street of my house because cars were backed up past our house, past our subdivision, and even past several stop lights. :P It took me nearly an hour to even make it to the freeway :P It's a good thing I started early - hopefully the traffic will be better tomorrow.

And although I could've used tonight to catch up on some much needed sleep, I ended up spending most of the evening planning out the next trip to LA. I can't tell you how excited I am that Mark actually wants to go! :) I already reserved the hotel, bought the "Assassins" tickets, so the only thing left is to try priceline again next week for a rental car (they didn't like my offer of $15 a day...Hrmph!) AND yes, this time I do have plane tickets. ;)

I'm actually getting very excited about the trip (even though I still haven't fully recovered from this one...) - I LOVE "Assassins" (it's got to be one of my favorite shows) and I always thought that Kevin would be a spectacular John Wilkes Booth - and I found out at the concert that he IS playing Booth - how perfect is that?? :)
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