October 25th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Happier Sydney stories. :)

We took Sydney to the vet today and they really didn't have any news for us. The test results to determine how badly her liver is damaged didn't come back from the lab yet and the vet said we'll probably know more by Monday. I was kind of relieved that we didn't have to get the news just yet. I kind of want to revel in yesterday's good news for a while.

The vet gave us a 28 day supply of Clavamox (which I thought was a good sign that she gave us a month's worth) and put her on another drug that we had to pick up at a regular pharmacy. It was funny when we went to pick it up because the girl who worked there went into the back to check on our order. She came out and hemmed and hawed a little before she said. "Was this... called in by... a vet?" When we nodded she looked relieved. She told us that the only call they received for a Fujimoto was for a dog and she said she DID NOT want to come out and ask if the prescription was for a dog in case she had the wrong person. :P

Sydney seems to be acting more and more like herself everyday. :) One thing that I'm really happy about is that she's finally able to walk up and down the stairs again. For a while, she was too weak and too unstable to attempt it. I always try to encourage her as she's coming down the stairs and when she reaches the bottom I make a lot of noise and congratulate her and it's cute because she gets so happy and wags her tail - she knows it was an accomplishment. :) It was cute but this afternoon I went downstairs to tell Mark something and I forgot that Sydney was following behind me. I only remembered when a minute or so later she appeared at the foot of the staircase. She had a look on her face like, "Well, where's my applause?" :) I ran up to her and congratulated her and she started to wag her tail, it was just too cute. :)

I know that there are still many things we have to find out about her condition and her prognosis, but this weekend I just want to be happy and enjoy her company. :) I'll deal with Monday when it comes.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday. :)
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