November 2nd, 2003

Doug & Sheri


Our vet wants us to reconsider the biopsy for Sydney. She said that Sydney's eyes, gums, and skin are turning yellow (a clear sign of liver failure) and she doesn't seem to be getting better with any of the medication that she's been prescribed so far. :( Mark & I have to talk it over this weekend and will let her know next week. We're pretty split on the issue. I don't want to have to put Sydney through more than she already has gone through and Mark thinks that it might be good to finally get some answers.

After the vet appointment, I took Sydney to my Mom's house. The last time my Mom saw her was in February and I wanted her to see Sydney in case something happened to her. My Mom really appreciated the time with her and got rather teary saying good-bye.

In the good news department - Mark's Mom seems to be doing much better after her surgery last week (and will even go on a trip with my father in law in about two weeks.) Her arm is a bit numb because they had to sever some of the nerves, and her incision aches a little, but all in all she's doing well. She'll be going in for radiation soon after she gets back from her trip.

I know there are those who are going through so much more than I am right now and I wanted to apologize for making such a huge deal out of Sydney's condition, but Mark & I have no children and Sydney's been a HUGE part of our lives for the past six years. I know that when she's gone there will be a HUGE piece of my heart that's missing. I'm trying to remain positive about all of this, but she's starting to look worse every day and she's become only a shadow of the dog she once was. I wish I could make her feel better and to have to see her like this day in and day out is increasingly difficult for us.
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