November 10th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

First of all...

...a HUGE thank you to everyone who took my quiz that I posted on Saturday! :) Here are the answers, if anyone is interested:

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In other news, Sydney had another good vet appointment today. They were so happy to hear that Sydney started eating on her own that they gave her a stuffed toy as a gift. That was so sweet of them! :) Sydney's been carrying it around the house everywhere and refuses to put it down. :)

And as for my job, I decided that I didn't want my boss to put himself on the line for me. I wouldn't want to hold him back from succeeding at our branch and if my heart isn't in my job, it really isn't fair to him. I'll miss working with him, but I think my decision is the best for everyone involved. :(

Thanks again to everyone who took my quiz! :)
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