November 11th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Spending the day with Sydney

It was a pretty nice day off. After giving Sydney her pills this morning, I took her for a short walk and it was nice to just spend some time alone with her. She seemed to enjoy being outdoors and seemed to have more energy as soon as she went outside. :) I brought my camera along and took a few photos of her.

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She looks about a hundred times better than she did just a week ago and Mark & I still can't believe that we were blessed enough to have been given a second chance with her. Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers! :) The vet is running another blood chemistry test to determine the current condition of her liver, hopefully it'll show an improvement over the test we had done about two weeks ago. But I guess it's a good sign that even our pessimistic vet is seeing clear signs of improvement.

And I'm going back to work tomorrow, but I have the rest of the week off. :) I'm finally starting my web design classes at CTA on Thursday and Friday! :) I'm very excited about them and for the first time it feels like I'm doing something productive to break free from my job. :) It's very liberating. :)
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