November 16th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

I had a weird craving for sushi today... Mark & I headed down to Kuru Kuru. :) Somehow the selection of sushi on the conveyor belt today was exceptionally good (sometimes the choices are pretty bad), and I actually ended up eating six whole plates! :P Needless to say, it'll last me straight until tomorrow morning, there's no need for dinner tonight! :P

This weather's gotten much cooler here and it's wonderful! There's a constant breeze and all the humidity of the past weeks are gone. :) I wish it could stay like this all year round. The only problem is that when it's cool like this all I want to do is cuddle up in bed and sleep. :P It's not very productive weather, I guess. :P

And Sydney must be feeling better. I fell asleep on the floor today and when I woke up, there was a wall of her stuffed toys next to me. She must've brought them all over to me while I was sleeping, hoping that I'd wake up and play with her. :)

The only thing that bothers us is that she's not eating her dog food. :( She apparently has an appetite and will want to eat our food, she just seems to have lost all interest in her food. :( We ended up feeding her the left over boiled chicken and rice that we had made for her when she wouldn't eat but that was only after numerous attempts at feeding her the regular dog food. :( We're going to bring it up to the vet on Monday and ask if she's just become a spoiled dog, or if we should be concerned.

And so much for trying to save money. :P Mark & I went to Borders yesterday and I ended up spending a little too much. :P Among other web related books, I ended up buying the "Little Shop of Horrors" CD - thank you, Rayna for the coupon! :) It's a pretty good CD, if only for the fact that I love Kerry Butler and Hunter Foster. :) Now I want to hurry up and plan a NYC trip so I, at least, have a chance of seeing the original cast.

In other theatre/web site related news, Julie Jackson sent me some adorable photos of her children. :) I can't believe that its been six months since her son Becket was born, it seems like it was just a couple of months ago. I really miss seeing Julie on stage, but I have to admire her for putting her family first in her life. :)

And lastly, I wanted to welcome jlm1779 and hubbaswuba to my journal! Both seem extremely nice and I look forward to getting to know them better! :)

Hope everyone has a nice week!
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