November 25th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

My Phobia and "Line of Fire" :)

I have a rather silly confession. :P I have a phobia of un-naturally large human object forms (i.e. statutes, etc. - which is why no matter how many times I go to NYC, I will never go to see the Statue of Liberty :P) Every year the huge mall across the street from my branch puts up a HUGE Santa that faces the street that I drive down to get to work every morning. Each year it seems that they put it up earlier and earlier. Well, I was driving to work this morning and... I happened to look up and see it! I can't believe that it's up already! It's not even Thanksgiving and that darn HUGE Santa was standing there looking at me. :P My palms started to get sweaty, I started to feel dizzy, and I thought I was going to pass out driving to work. :P Luckily I didn't though because I'd hate to have to tell the police that the reason I rear ended the car in front of me was because I was afraid of a HUGE Santa. ;) Pathetic but true... :P

And woo hoo! Julie Ann's new TV series is going to be premiering one week from tonight on ABC! Found a cast bio of her from the Official "Line of Fire" site here. Finally a photo with her new highlighted hair and haircut that I like so much! :) She looks absolutely wonderful and I'm so excited about her new show! :) I'm so happy that things are going so well in BOTH Kevin and Julie's careers - they've both worked so hard that they really deserve this. :)
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