November 28th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Now I can finally begin my weekend... :)

Supposedly the best thing about working when no one else on the island seems to, is that there isn't supposed to be any traffic. :P Unfortunately for me, I have the misfortune of working across the street from the largest shopping center on the island and there was traffic this morning - from all the shoppers trying to beat the crowd! :P

Work was slow, my boss left early and I almost fell asleep at my computer calculating commissions this afternoon after my heavy turkey left over lunch. :P And as if it wasn't bad enough that I had to work, today was our LONG day and the bank didn't close until 6pm... :P

On a more productive note, I finally mailed out Kevin's completed birthday gift today. I wasn't sure if I should send it to LA or NY... Luckily he was still in LA when I emailed him and he told me it'd probably be better if I sent it straight to NY since he'll be there by next week. Hope he likes the DVD we made. :)

And I managed to miss the entire Macy's Thanksgiving day parade this year. :( Last year I was so excited about all the performances I taped it, but somehow this new broadway season isn't really exciting me too much. I REALLY want to see "Wicked" and "Never Gonna Dance" (because of Noah Racey), but I'm kind of lukewarm about "Little Shop of Horrors" even though I love Kerry Butler and Hunter Foster. :P I just don't know why.

On a non-theatre related note, Mark found this site to determine how old your dog is based upon a series of health related questions. I took the test for Sydney and she turned out to be 26.1 years old in human years - a whole 10 years younger than her real biological age. It's kind of a neat site, those LJ friends with dogs should check it out. :)
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