December 6th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

All this talk about the blizzard...

...on the East coast reminds me of February when Mark & I got stuck over President's Day weekend in New York City. I have to say that getting stuck there wasn't the worst thing that could've happened to us. We ended up seeing "Hairspray" a second time, got tickets to see "Take Me Out", and got to eat at Applebee's another night. :) I just hope those on the east coast are okay and staying warm (Pat, Lauren, Meredyth, Adam, etc.)

And Mark is doing much better, thanks so much for your nice thoughts for him. I have to change the dressing on his back for the next few days (which I'm not looking forward to - I hope I don't hurt him!) but he's not in pain any more so that's a good thing.

Forgot to mention that while I walking around the mall the other day during lunch I happened to run across a new photo studio. There was a "Help Wanted" sign in the window. Now, I usually pass those up because my current job pays pretty well, I have a lot of vacation time accrued and those jobs that are advertised are usually entry level jobs. But when I read on the sign "Only experienced photographers apply within" that kind of sparked my interest. So I went in and asked for an application. The first question the girl asked me was "Do you have experience as a studio photographer?" :) I nodded and she handed me an application. I've filled it out and have re-done my resume... I'm just not sure whether to turn it in.

I'd love to get out of my current job (you all know how much I complain about it), but it's taken me 9 years to work my way up to my position in the investment department, my pay is pretty good (all things considered), and I have loads of vacation time (sorry to be-labor that point - but vacation is pretty vital to me this year, especially if I want to get my CIW certification). This is possibly an entry-level position, retail hours, and true - it's what I went to school for, but am I too old to start at the bottom and work my way up again? And the bank I currently work for has been in business FOREVER, and I know from experience that these photo studios come and go... I'm not sure with my current obligations (mortgage, school, etc) if I can afford to take a leap of faith like this. :P I should probably turn in the application anyway and then see what happens - Blech... As much as I talk about liking to take risks, I guess I'm still basically a chicken. :P