December 7th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

I think I would be in the Christmas spirit...

...a little more if it weren't 98 degrees and terribly HUMID here! :P I know I shouldn't complain with all the snow everyone on the East Coast is getting, but really - I have every single fan on in my house and I'm just sitting at the computer and I'm sweating. :P I think I may make a trip to the market later just to cool off! :P

And woo hoo! I finally got out all of my Christmas cards! :) I received a few in the mail on Friday and realized that I was off to a late start this year. :( In case anyone missed my last post and would still like a Christmas card from us this year, please email me here and I'll add you to our list. :)

Speaking of the Christmas spirit, this has got to be one of the sweetest things that I've read in a while. Makes me wish I was there just so that I could get one of those letters. :) It really warms my heart that these performers care so much about helping people. :)

And I've been toying around with the idea of getting a new cell phone. Unlike Mark, who has to be on the cutting edge of everything technology oriented, I'm fine with my Nokia phone that I got a year ago. After all, a trade in would cost me at least $100 and that's money that I could be spending on a "Millie" ticket. ;) Gotta have priorities, after all! :)
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Doug & Sheri

And now it's raining. :P

In fact, it's raining so hard that I can't even open any of our windows. :P The good news in this whole thing (I guess) is that it's cooled down considerably! :)

Mark & I went around today looking for a DVD player for my Mom for Christmas. Unfortunately the ones we saw weren't exactly what we were looking for. We did manage to buy a "Finding Nemo" DVD for her to go along with the gift, though so it wasn't totally unproductive. :)

And I have to say, I have NO IDEA what to buy Mark for Christmas. Evey year I run into this problem, but every year I somehow manage to find something that he really likes. Electronics are out of the question since I have no idea what he'd want and I'm a poor person (remember I had my old computer for six years!) to judge what's good in new technology... :P I just hope that I can think of something before it's too late. I can't believe that after 5 years of marriage I can't come up with a good gift idea! :P

And every news station tonight did stories about today being the 62nd anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It reminded me of my Dad telling me how (as a 15 year old) he rode his bike into town to do errands for my Grandmother the afternoon of the bombing and all he could remember were people on the side of the road who pelted him with stones as he rode by, calling him racial names and telling him to go home to his own country (even though he was born and raised in Hawaii). :P I know there are more important reasons to remember this day, but for my family and because it hits so close to home, it's unfortunate that this is what I'll remember. :P