December 9th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Just got through watching...

..."Line of Fire" and it was a rather disturbing episode. Is it just me or is it unnerving that a crime boss could go from smelling potato salad in one scene and seem so human to totally deceiving his two poor henchmen into thinking they weren't dead ducks - and then ordering their hit? Really, this episode was supposed to have been the third of the season, but I guess they decided to switch the order with next week's show. :P I remember Kevin talking about this as the one that was the least character oriented. Wonder why they chose to show this one first? Still loving Julie in the show, though and her character's tough attitude. Nearly had a heart attack in the beginning when she pushed down that bike rider with her car door, though. Yikes... :P

In non-TV news, I've been having a horrible time finding a winter coat (AGAIN!) for my NYC trip in January. I guess there isn't much of a market for heavy coats here and the sales people that I speak with STILL look at me like I'm crazy when I ask, but don't people here travel and need winter clothes before they get to wherever it is they're going? :P

And we had our annual Christmas "visit" today at work. Every year the CEO of our company and his team of upper management goes around to all the branches on the island and shakes everyone's hand and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. In preparation for their visit we usually have to clean up, hide all of our food, etc. It's become known as the "walk-through" and people look forward to it as much as they look forward to driving home in Christmas traffic. :P I do have to say that it's nice that they make an effort to wish everyone a nice holiday season, though - very few companies have management who will take the time to meet every employee individually and wish them well. :)

And over the weekend I bought the "Eloise at the Plaza" DVD. Partly to see Gavin Creel, partly... well, okay I should just say: to see Gavin Creel. It was a cute show - very Disney - but I stayed up much too late last night watching it... I was exhausted the entire day at work. And the episode of "Line of Fire" was a little too disturbing tonight and it doesn't look like I'll be going to sleep anytime soon. Tomorrow I'll be a zombie... :P
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