December 10th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

An exhausting but happy day...

Every year the bank I work for hosts a HUGE Christmas party for all of its employees. It's usually held at a fancy hotel and hundreds of our workers (throughout all the branches on the island) show up for free drinks, free food and lots of fun. I usually don't go to these parties because they're restricted to employees only (no family allowed) and they're usually really crowded. I wasn't going to go this year either... until niwrad2180 and one of my other co-workers insisted that I join them since they've never seen me at a bank function before.

Well, how could I say no to Darwin? ;) So I ended up going and actually had a really good time. :) The food was fantastic and it was nice to sit with everyone outside of the work environment and talk about things that weren't bank related. A really nice surprise tonight was also the announcement of our operation manager's officer appointment before the evening began (I think he was even more shocked and surprised than we all were!) :) It was just a wonderful night all around.

AND to make this day even more special, I got home to find a wonderful box sitting on my dining room table! :) It was a package from irisheyes77 and orion74! They gave me a toy for Sydney! :) It was SO sweet of them to think about her - I was truly touched when I received it. Thanks so much, Amanda & Tom! Sydney loves the toy and has been carrying it around the house with her all evening! :) Big *HUGS* to you both! :)

I started out the day extremely tired and exhausted from the lack of sleep the past few nights and I was determined to be grouchy today... but it's amazing what a few kind gestures from friends can do - it turned out to be such a wonderful day after all. :) Have a great evening everyone! :)
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