December 13th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

A day of great computer deals! :)

Mark & I actually made it up this morning at 4am to head down to CompUSA for that HUGE bank employee sale this morning from 5am - 8am. At first we thought that there wouldn't be anyone there - who'd be crazy enough to wake up on a Saturday morning at 4am for a sale? When we got to the parking lot we were shocked to find so many cars already there! There must've been at least 200 people there when the doors finally opened at 5am. :P

It was pretty ridiculously crowded, but the nice thing was that I got to see a lot of my past co-workers from other branches, who I hadn't seen in years. It seemed that everyone was there! I even saw my boss and his wife stagger in at 5:30 am! In the back of my mind I wondered how it was he could make it down there at 5:30 am for a computer sale, but can't get to work by 8:00 am? ;) (I always tease him because he's perpetually late) :P

All in all it was a pretty profitable day. Mark purchased a digital camera at 15% off and some DVDs. I bought a scanner (it was only 5% off, but it wasn't too expensive to begin with - and my old one is really on its last legs), and some mini-discs. I was upset to find that they didn't carry any Mini-disc recorders and got rather irritated at the salesperson who kept trying to convince me that I really wanted an MP3 player instead (UGH - I know what I want!) :P We also purchased a DVD player for my Mom for Christmas (a really reasonable one) and got a DV recorder at $100 off! :) It was a great day for shopping, but I think we definitely spent WAY too much money! :P

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading instruction booklets, charging batteries, installing drivers for hardware, etc. We're pretty much in electronic, computer-land bliss right now. :)
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