December 14th, 2003

Doug & Sheri


I finally found a winter coat! I was beginning to give up hope that I'd ever find one here, but I went to Waikele (Thanks, Smitha!) where we have a lot of factory outlets and found one that I loved at Banana Republic. :) I also found a hat and a scarf so I think I'm pretty ready for the bitter cold weather in New York next month. :)

I'm also almost done with my Christmas shopping! :) The only person I have left to buy a gift for is Mark. :( He's always the hardest to shop for anyway, but one week after posting the "I don't know what to get Mark for Christmas post", I still have no idea. :P

Won an obscure auction on ebay today... it was a magazine that featured Boy George and "Taboo" for a friend of mine at work. He just came back from NYC a couple of weeks ago and he's obsessed with the show. I thought I'd add it to his Christmas gift this year - hopefully it gets to me in time. :)

Poor Sydney must've felt slighted last night. For some reason I couldn't really sleep and I know that I must've been tossing and turning a lot. I must've annoyed her because she kept moving from wherever she was sleeping. :P She'd get up, walk to another part of the bed, plop herself down, and SIGH really loud, it was kind of cute. :)

And whoa, Chad's leaving "General Hospital!" :O I'm...speechless. I haven't seen the show in years and really haven't seen him since NYC in November two years ago, but all my friends are still SO involved with his web site and fan club. It's kind of sad that this chapter in his life will be over soon. :( It's all because of Chad that I was introduced to Kevin in the first place - and really, I can't thank him enough for that! :) It'll just be weird that he won't be on GH anymore. :( Damn...