December 15th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

A solution to my gift problem for Mark. :)

While I was speaking with Mark today I came upon the realization that he had NO CLUE what to get me for Christmas either. :P So after a lot of talking and both of us admitting that we were clueless this year, ;) we decided to use the money we would've spent on gifts to go toward our annual Valentine's Day trip to NYC (we spent Valentine's Day there last year and got stuck in the President's Day blizzard). :)

Now, before you all think I've totally lost it (since I'll be in NYC only a month before in mid-January) - I really haven't. ;) I was able to get RT airfare for us for less than it would cost me to fly to LA! (I love priceline!) AND my January NYC trip with gigglets is basically just to see Kevin in "Millie" - she's really not interested in seeing any other shows while we're there. :( I REALLY want to see "Never Gonna Dance" and "Wicked" and since Mark has a HUGE crush on Kerry Butler, he really wants to see "Little Shop of Horrors". :) We're going to catch one showing of "Millie", but we're going more so Mark can see Sutton (who he also has a crush on) than to see Kevin (specifically).

We're still buying small gifts for each other, but the pressure is off a little with our funds going toward our upcoming trip. Little gifts I can handle, it's the big ones I can't think of! :P

And we received quite a few Christmas cards today. :) Among them, a lovely card from i_am_angieface. Thanks Angie! :) I also got the most darling newsletter written by Gracie, the puppy of one of my online friends. :) It was so adorable and such a clever idea. :)

And on a final theatre note, Kevin opens tomorrow night in "Millie!" :) I'm so happy for him! :) I think a few of my friends (from North Shore Music Theatre) might drive into the city to see him tomorrow night. :) I hope someone sees him - I'd love to hear how he did!