December 22nd, 2003

Doug & Sheri

A Wonderful Day...

Every year my boss takes the back office staff (and the two of us in his office) out to lunch at our exclusive Banker's Club (high atop our Main Banking Center - which is the highest building in Hawaii) to thank them for all their help each year. Our annual lunch was scheduled for today and it was terrific! Not only was the food to-die-for, but the atmosphere was wonderful, the view was just spectacular, and we know that we'd never be able to go there if it weren't for my boss since only officers of the bank have access to the the Banker's Club. And with all the stress of our recent conversion lately, the back office was thrilled to be able to get out and enjoy themselves for a change. It's extremely thoughtful of my boss to take us there every year. :)

Got a whole bunch of Christmas cards in the mail today, including a card from careleswhisper. Thanks Carrie! :)

Tomorrow morning our branch is buying us breakfast (more eating!) and we're exchanging our Secret Santa gifts. I hope the person I got likes what I got her.

And I saw this in many people's journals, but stole it from irisheyes77

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