December 28th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Too much holiday eating!

This has to end! :P This morning I went to a brunch hosted by my boss for the customer service reps in our branch to thank them for all their help throughout the year. It was great and really nice of my boss to host this every year, but being full from the previous night's dinner at Cheesecake Factory I could hardly eat a thing. :P

The thing that upset me this morning was that there are nine people are in our little customer service area and we invited them all, and they all RSVPed to say that they were coming. They wanted to do a little private Secret Santa for our group and exchange the gifts at the brunch. I reminded everyone about the brunch before I left work on Friday (as I was walking out the door)... but still three people didn't show up. :( There were six of us there and it was a nice small group, but a few people were left out during the Secret Santa portion of the morning, which I thought was unfair. The least they could've done was called us to let us know that they weren't coming. :( Still, we all had a really nice time, but for some reason, that kind of bothered me.

Last night it was storming! In fact, the thunder was so loud that poor Sydney kept trying to jump in my lap all evening as I sat at my computer. :P Every once in a while last night I could feel her wet nose nudge my leg and then she'd stand up on her hind legs and start to paw at me if I didn't pay attention to her nosing. Poor dog! She finally calmed down after I played with her for a bit, but she was really scared for a good portion of the night. :(

And I guess I forgot to mention that I actually went down and braved the mall across the street from my branch on the day after Christmas during my lunch break. I knew it was a crazy thing to do, but Shirokiya had an electronic sale and I saw a MD recorder on sale for $99 (normally the list price is $229) so I had to go. And well, I spent a lot of my GCs already - so much for Christmas money. And I know, I already have a few MDs but they're SO unreliable and I'm all about reliability.

I'm off to drink about a gallon of water (for some reason buffets make me so thirsty!) and cuddle up with my dog and watch the first season of "West Wing" (Thanks Mark!) :)
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