January 3rd, 2004

Doug & Sheri

My first day of work & other things...

I wanted to thank you all for the good luck wishes for my first day of work yesterday. :) It must've worked since (all in all) it was a pretty good day. I wasn't used to the short drive in with no traffic and got to the branch about 45 minutes early. :P I saw and spoke with a lot of my friends who I used to work with downstairs in the branch and it was nice to catch up with them on the three years that I'd been gone - so many babies were born since then!

The work day itself went pretty fast. The work was tedious, but I enjoyed it. The hard part came when I had to start calling reps out in the field for information. They were reluctant to tell me anything, thinking that I still worked at my other branch and wondered why I was inquiring about their clients. So my co-worker decided to send out a mass email to all the reps and associates to welcome me to the back office. That was fine...until I got the mass of emails and phone calls asking, "WHAT HAPPENED?" Most salespeople don't understand the allure of an admin job and couldn't understand why I chose to move back there. :P

Other than that, I think I'm going to have to get used to the back office life and not having as much freedom as I used to. At my old branch, I was in charge of the operations and got to decide lunch schedules, duties, vacations, etc. It was just interesting yesterday when my boss told me at 11:30am, "I'm sending you to lunch." :) Not that I'm complaining at all, it was just something I'm going to have to get used to. :)

Other things: The rain yesterday was horrendous! It was so bad that it flooded several streets on the only road to my house and it took me almost 2 hours from the time I exited the freeway to get back home. :P Luckily the rain has stopped, but the air is so humid today that it feels like another storm is on its way. :P

And lastly, Mark & I spent the day at Waikele (where there are a lot of factory outlets) since I needed a new suitcase. I found one that I really liked at a really great price so I think I'm finally set for my NYC trip. :) I just hope that Kevin's feeling better and can return to the stage so that I won't have to fly all the way there just to see his understudy. ;)

Hope you're all having a nice weekend. :)
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