January 10th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Well, I did it...

...my hair is now short with REALLY noticeable highlights (I feel almost blonde). :o I'm actually more okay with it than I thought I'd be and it feels so much lighter (weight wise) - though I have to say that I was a bit sad to see the ponytail that the hairdresser initially cut off. :( Mark likes it - he's always liked shorter hair and has been trying to get me to cut it for a while now. :) I have to say that I'm happy that Mark notices things like haircuts, etc. My friend Susan recently cut her hair as well and her boyfriend didn't even notice the difference for several days...Men! :P

While I was at the mall for my hair appointment, I did some last minute shopping for my NYC trip. Five days and counting! :) Woo hoo! My Mom said that she was watching the Today show on Friday and it was 4 degrees... A poor Hawaii girl could freeze to death up there! :( When Mark & I were there last February it was 12 degrees... It's hard to believe since I've been sitting at my computer all day with the fan on here. :P

And I'm trying to start a letter writing campaign for "Line of Fire" after I saw an article posted on the TV Tome site. Apparently it's not doing as well as they would've expected in the ratings (hard to do as a mid-season replacement) and they need support from the public. I've been asking everyone I know to help out in this effort if possible -

What they're looking for is people to email, write, or call ABC to let them know that they watch the show and that they'd like to see it continue into the regular season, or that they'd follow the show to another date and time slot if it moved.

Here are the addresses:

Email - netaudr@abc.com

Snail Mail -
ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551

Phone number - (818) 460-7477

Sorry, this ends the public service announcement portion of my LJ. :P I just hope the series gets picked up for the regular season, it's a pretty good show and of course I'm biased and only want the best for Julie.

Well, I'm off to watch "Finding Nemo" for the third time and cuddle up with the fuzzy dog and hubby. Hope you all have a good night. :)
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